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Award-Winning Writer & Poet | Self-Published Author | Radical Self-Expressionist | LGBTQIA+
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My partner awakens from their sleep and tells me about their World War 2 dream. I laugh sheepishly but deep down jealous. See it’s 1 am and I cannot seem to find my sleep.

As they fall back into slumber, I’m left to my usual late-night shenanigans; my hands gently crisscrossing against their baby-like soft subtle skin, listening to both our heartbeats and counting seconds, periodically checking to see if the morning will find my eyes wide open. I watch some porn or read some Literotica to get stimulated back to sleep (sometimes it works — but not today). …

Recently I made plans to meet up with some friends. Usually, I am psyched to catch up and simply be out of the house. But on this day, as I got closer and closer to the loudest table in the room, I found myself drained and lacking my joy.

I kept perusing my mental files to find what robbed me of my joy. I could not trace it. I was sure at my next meditation session, I would get all the answers I need. At almost 10 steps left to the table, I told myself to smile. …

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Me: I wouldn’t want to be with a partner who lives at home with her folks or relatives. Especially if this is their long term plan.

Her (ignorant heterosexual with intoxicated lesbianic behaviors): You can totally date a woman who lives at home.

Me: Why?

Her: Because she's a woman.

Me: 😲

Regardless of the fallacious nature of sexual orientation and biological determinism as we knew it, it is hard to ignore the heterosexist/homophobic conversations. Not only is it ignorant to assume that because we are a same-sex couple we should be comfortable getting away with sneaking around, but it…

From My Lips to Hers is a book by award-winning queer writer from Kenya, Carlo Kui. It is a thought-provoking collection of intense poetry and prose. From the devastating critique of relationships and self. These poems trace a path across the mind of a hopeless romantic and tragic life-ist. She considers this her coming out story, into her queerness. A concoction of love, lust, betrayal, sex, and sexuality.

The book is divided into three parts, Me, Them, and Her.

Me; is a beautiful compilation of self-discovery. From self-searching to, to self-loathing, to lust, to self-love. Here she comes out into…

a poetic series about love and loss

Carlo Kui is back with another book.

Zuri is a Swahili word meaning ‘good’. The character is a representation of women in the author’s life and the child she lost.

The book is divided into three parts, Love, Loss, and Zuri.
This short haiku poetry series is dedicated to everyone who has experienced immense love and tragic loss. These two emotions are pertinent to the human condition, being two sides of the same coin.

Chapter one; Love is an escape into loving a woman in different dimensions. From the sun shining on her…

Yesterday I wrote about love and war. The conundrum of conflict and resolution in a space of love and relationships. As Human beings, we have been conditioned to experience war with pain and normalcy.

There are different kinds of war; the war on self, the war on sex and sexuality, war on love, the war of living as and with yourself, and other internal and external wars.

Im writing a new book on wars; the internal and external conflicts of self and others around us. Don’t wonder what all this war stuff is about.

It was inspired by a personal…

Carlo Kui

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